Al forat is a Leading Provider of smart solutions, IT infrastructure, IoT business intelligence platforms for various market segments and support educational institutions to manage student data with all the needs of exam centers.

Our scalable and configurable platforms can provide the latest quality standards in order to meet all the needs in the markets to help our customers achieve the best performance by monitoring, controlling and analyzing their operations in real time.
We offer integrated solutions and services from IoT Business Intelligence Platforms, people management solutions, energy / water management systems, network infrastructure solutions, smart building and home automation solutions, smart education solutions, and education management services.


  • United Arab Emirates
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Turkish Republic


We seek to support the community with interactive technologies with the environment, allowing the best adaptation to the new lifestyle, al Furat company seeks to be one of the leading companies in the local and regional market in providing smart solutions.


Promote market growth with local support, qualified team and long-term planning to provide high-quality solutions that create competitive value and competitive advantage for our customers with our partners in the GCC and the Middle East


viding the latest technologies, smart solutions and educational services to meet all needs in the GCC and the Middle East

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