Technical Solutions

We provide comprehensive integrated solutions for IoT business intelligence platforms, visitor and customer analytics, energy and Water Management Solutions, Network Infrastructure Solutions, Smart Building Solutions, home automation and smart education solutions.
With our reliable, secure and high-performance systems, we strive to cover the needs of the market in the GCC and the Middle East.

Internet of things business intelligence platform

The IoT Business Intelligence Platform analyzes and analyzes the traffic of your customers and visitors through a large number of metrics such as revenue and employee account automatically. This information can then be turned into business plans to increase the profitability and efficiency of your business

Smart building and home automation solutions

Smart Building Solutions and home automation with the latest technologies
that meet all the needs of different sectors, we offer complete solutions for smart buildings, sterilization using UV light and home automation that allow monitoring and control of all facilities

Energy and water management solutions

Energy and water management solutions allow the management of facilities in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors to
monitor and control the use and utilization of energy and water, optimize the potential of assets through a variety of energy and water management solutions.

Smart education solutions

Smart education solutions allow educational institutions to access the latest technologies with high standards to meet all the needs of education systems

Solar energy and lighting solutions

We are proud to offer the latest and best energy and lighting solutions with our strategic partners in the region and
the world

Network infrastructure solutions

Network infrastructure solutions (Wired – Wireless) is an integrated category that guarantees high performance, secure and reliable comprehensive network solutions:


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